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Our Brand, Our Story

Crafted Selections is a premier liquor store, dedicated to offering world-class beers, wines, spirits, and cigars since 2000. Our handpicked collections from our trusted vendors ensure an exceptional selection for our customers. We invite you to experience the unique offerings found in our refrigerated beer cave, our vibrant liquor selection, and our climate-controlled humidor. Our team at Crafted Selections aim beyond simply providing the finest adult beverages to creating an experience that encourages you to return, leaving you completely satisfied every time.


Our commitment to your satisfaction is unwavering. We strive to deliver the best shopping experience by integrating several key elements including; a warm and inviting environment designed to enhance your shopping experience. You’ll find our product range to be equally broad and exceptional, offering premium selections suitable for any occasion. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is your resource at all times, ready to offer thoughtful recommendations and guidance as they assist you in finding the level of satisfaction that you desire. We invite you to browse our products online or experience the many thousands of our specially hand-crafted beverages in person. Discover the Crafted Selections experience at any of our three locations today.

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Meet The Founders



      Baba Razak is a best-in-class merchant with a discerning palate. His unmatched commitment has brought the fine selection of premier spirits and wines to San Diego County. 

      Drawing on nearly fifty years of experience, Razak prides himself on understanding his customers. He carefully listens to their tastes, using their feedback to curate a collection that meets their diverse preferences. His sharp focus on world-class customer service sets Crafted Selection apart. 

      We invite you to come and experience Razak’s warm welcome at Crafted Selections today, and discover the exquisite selection he’s meticulously curated just for you.  



      Long before craft beers became a nationwide sensation, Mike had a vision.  His dream was to bring the finest IPAs, ales, and lagers to San Diego. Today, with a collection of hundreds of personally sourced varieties, Mike’s selection stands as a testament to his commitment and expertise. His dedication goes beyond just choosing beers - he curates flavors based on his customers’ preferences. 

      But his passion doesn’t stop at beers. When he isn’t on a quest for the perfect brew, Mike is exploring the world of cigars. His meticulous selection process ensures he stocks a broad range of Robusto, Cohiba, Pantela/Lancera, Churchill, and many more, meeting the diverse taste of cigar connoisseurs.

      We invite you to experience Mike’s exceptional whiskey(beer) and cigar collection and his deep-rooted passion for quality firsthand at our store today.


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